About Reinaa Shukla

Reinaa is a dietitian, food and nutrition writer who offers complete wellness counseling and consulting services. Sessions with her are customized to the needs of clients to keep them on track with their nutrition and health goals. She works with you, listens to you, and empowers you to balance your diet, lose weight, prevent chronic disease, or eat right -- whatever your goals may be.

Reinaa has extensive experience in medical nutrition therapy and nutrition counseling and is blue card certified to work with children and has proven results in sports nutrition for adolescents.

Reinaa utilizes the latest research and most effective tools and methods to help you achieve success. She believes in sustainable wellness and so with her you’ll lose weight without dieting (read starving).

Detox for her means steering away from bad habits and myths, choosing real foods, losing the diet mindset, eating mindfully, and assessing hunger and moods without depriving yourself the pleasure of food you like. 


Member of
ISPEN (Indian Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition), Australian Society for Microbiology
Nutrition Australia
PENSA ( Parenteral Enteral Nutrition Society of Asia)
Complementary Health care council of Australia
Australian College of Nutrition and Environmental medicine

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