Corporate wellness programme is designed to motivate staff to makeimportant life changes.

We run regular workshops and seminars on all aspects of optimum nutrition. We deliver to groups of all types and sizes - so whether your group is 5 people or 300, whether you are looking for a one-hour workshop or a week course, we can adapt to meet your needs. Some of the popular workshops we have run in the past include:

Nutrition and Stress

Smart Sports Nutrition for Children /Adults

Smart Food and Immunity

Health Control - eating for energy and vitality

Recharge revive and revitalize

Weight Loss and Self Image Workshop (WLSW)

Smart Women Knows about Breast cancer

Overcoming Enviromental toxins with detox

can develop a workplace health strategy to help your company achieve optimum business performance. Whether you are interested in workshops or seminars, advice on what to serve in the office canteen, or one-to-one consultations for employees, We can develop a strategy for total staff well-being.

Depending on your company's requirements, Smart Living can deliver a programme for shift working, stress management, eating on the run, healthy office snacks, etc.

living Smart has helped develop a workplace health promotion strategy for many corporate companies Our two day training package is called Smart Corporate wellness programme is designed to motivate staff to make important life changes. It has also worked with various institutes throughout Country.

Smart safe wellness Audits ( Australian standard) Worksites are crucial to improving the health of their workers. Most adults spend more of their waking hours at work than anywhere else, making it a prime venue for promoting healthful habits. The worksite organizational culture and environment are powerful influences on behavior and this needs to be put to use as a means of assisting employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Smart Fitness at workplaces

The SFW is built upon a advanced knowledge of fitness that is capable of providing easy to understand fitness information - including fitness goals, ability level, schedule constraints, and equipment access – Exercises that can be done anywhere. Let’s get started !

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