Smart Talk

Life is simple. Let's not confuse our health with fads cos'
it's most special and invaluable god gift ...


Jigna Shah ( Brisbane , Shree Ganesh Business owner ) :

I reduced 10 kg in two months with Reina and I have still maintained that weight even after 2 years, Reina teaches to live smart forever.

Anugrah Bindal ( student Brisbane):

I had fatty liver at an age of 24 and with help of the diet plan provided by Reina my reports started to be normal withing three months.

Razika Hassan ( House wife Sydney ):

I am gluten intolerant and needed a low GI diet, I was not only given that plan to address both but was also taught on how to use food as cure for my allergies and today I'm able to have wider variety of food then I previously used to have .

Harishankar ( A cancer patient Reffered by Dr. Anand Koppikar of Pune) :

I was given diet plan to overcome my surgery and chemotherapy by Reina and also thereafter guided to eat healthy food to avoid a relapse

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