Special Plan

B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 all B group vitamins are essential for healthy nervous system, body maintenance Food digestion & Sunflower Seeds, meats, yeast extract.

Live Yogurts are rich in pro-biotic” friendly bacteria” They strengthen the immune system, helps fight Candida infections and UTI.
Avocado contains 23%mono-unsat fats along with Vit C&E and fibre too, so use avocado instead of margarine on wholegrain toast.
Prunes, raisins, blueberries, spinach, plums, broccoli, Red and Green capsicum are packed full of nature’s anti aging Antioxidants.
Probiotic bacteria in dairy products like yogurt, prevents precancerous changes occurring in colon. It also lower total cholesterol and improve the ratio of good cholesterol reducing risk of stroke, arthrosclerosis and heart problems.
A 20 minute run releases chemicals in our brain that help improve your decision-making and problem solving skills.
As little as three hours of brisk walking week can decrease woman’s risk of heart attack by 30-40 percent.

Real Smart Diet Plans/Therapeutic Diet Plans:

  1. Wheat-Free Diet Plan
  2. Living with Diabetes Diet Plan
  3. Cholesterol Lowering Diet Plan
  4. Healthy Vegetarian Diet Plan
  5. Anti-Allergic Diet Plan
  6. Kids Nutritive Diet Plan
  7. Hormone Balancing Diet Plan_-PCOD ,Thyroid
  8. Anti Inflammation Diet Plan-Arthritis
  9. 50 + Diet Plan
  10. Post pregnancy Diet Plan
  11. To be Mothers Diet Plan
  12. Weight gain Diet Plan
  13. Weight loss Diet Plan
  14. Healthy Skin/Hair Diet Plan
  15. Athlete Diet Plan/Sports Nutrition
  16. Brides Diet Plan
  17. Varicose Veins

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