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Dr. Rashmi G Bisen (Psychiatrist, Sexologist & De-addiction Specialist)

Post-graduate from J.J. Hospital, Mumbai Receiver of the prestigious L.P.Shah award from Bombay Psychiatric Society for her paper submission Expert

in treating de-addiction, sleep disorders and sexual problems, phobias, anxiety, depression and pain management. Specialize in stress management, youth and adolescent issues. Stressful lives these days spares none and everyone needs a unique solution to their unique issues

and so she believes counseling at an early stage can help anyone from getting into depression resulting due to unresolved mental issues . She guides her client with relaxation techniques, counseling to live better quality of life and to maintain positive mental health. She practices currently at Yerwada Mental Hospital, Apollo Clinic, and Heal One Holistic hospital Viman Nagar. Visiting psychiatrist in Serene Hospital, Vishtrantwadi and Renaissance de-addiction Centre, Yerwada.

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